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Inclusive Kid’s Bedding & Décor

Welcome to Beautiful Dreamers

Beautiful Dreamers is a kid’s bedding and décor collection that is diverse and inclusive in imagery and design and representative of all major U.S. ethnicities. This unique racially and ethnically diverse bedding fosters young children’s positive racial identities and positive awareness of differences. This line improves self-esteem in minority children and encourages all children, at a young age, to embrace diversity and see differences as a lovely part of how the world is.

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My Story

Hi! I’m Leslie Young, founder of Beautiful Dreamers. I’ve dreamed of starting Beautiful Dreamers for 19 years! When my daughter was two years old, she loved Disney princesses. At that time, as an African American girl, she could not identify with any of her princesses. I could not in good conscious decorate her room in a Disney Princess theme when none of the princesses looked like her.

Nineteen years later, diverse designs in kid’s bedding are still limited. Beautiful Dreamers was born to inspire kids to celebrate difference and be confident in their own difference. As each child’s unique qualities should be celebrated, so should the differences of others.

Inclusive and modern designs with your kid’s wellbeing in mind

Celebrate Differences

Inspire your child to embrace their uniqueness and the uniqueness of others by celebrating differences in a kid-friendly kind of way.

Improve Your Child’s Sleep

Create a healthy sleep environment with hypoallergenic materials so your child can rest easy. Provide comfort, quality rest, and a place to bond over storytime.

Reflect Your Style

Decorate your child’s room with modern and sophisticated colors and prints that kids can use for years. A perfect blend of childhood whimsy and works-for-the-whole-house style.

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